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    123.05 ฿ In stock

    Spicy Chicken Noodle (Cheese) CHEESE BULDAKBOKKEUMMYEON The Fantastic collaboration between hot chicken and cheese

    123.05 ฿
    In stock
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    53.50 ฿ In stock

    Spicy Chicken Noodle - BULDAK BOKKEUMMYEON Deliciously spicy noodle with sesame seeds and grilled seaweed flakes SAMYANG BULDAK

    53.50 ฿
    In stock
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    281.41 ฿ In stock

    Crispy Grain Rolls 21, Gaemi Gokmul Geudaero 21, Premium snack made with highly selected 10% natural grains.

    281.41 ฿
    In stock
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    139.10 ฿ In stock

    HAITAI HONEY BUTTER CHIP The premium potato chip with the sweetest honey taste with French butter, made through 12 hours of fermentation process.

    139.10 ฿
    In stock
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    192.60 ฿ In stock

    Made out of real corn kernels, Corn-Chip was first launched in 1989, promptly positioning itself as one of the most popular and widely enjoyed snacks in Korea, with its signature savory flavor from natural corn. The product was re-named to C: Corn-Chip in 2005 when ‘C’ was added to help the consumers distinguish this original product from the rest. The...

    192.60 ฿
    In stock
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    214.00 ฿ In stock

    DONGSUH OKSUSUCHA comes in a convenient tea-bag, with 100% corn ingredients to produce deep savory and smooth taste.

    214.00 ฿
    In stock
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    203.30 ฿ In stock

    In 1978, it was developed for anyone to enjoy the imported fruit, banana. It was named as such as its shape resembles the movement pattern of a ‘front ball kick’ of soccer, the nation's favorite sport. - Tender and sweet banana flavor - Brings the feature of sweet banana softly melting in the mouth.Melts in the mouth and preserves the flavor of...

    203.30 ฿
    In stock
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    25.68 ฿ In stock

    The black-sauce (chajang) noodles enjoyed conveniently at home. National special dish!!Enjoy delicious Chajang noodles in just 5 minutes. Traditional menu for eating out in Korea, Chajangmyun is developed into more convenient Jjapageti available anywhere and anytime. Jjapageti is has been popular for 30 years from its release ranking in the Top 10 in...

    25.68 ฿
    In stock

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